Wednesday, 13 July 2011

My beautiful garden

Tomatoes growing

The courgette I harvested to go in my roasted veg for dinner

My coriander plant in flower :)

Growing my own is proving fun and (excuse the pun) fruitful. I have so far harvested two courgettes and there are plenty more at various stages of growth.

I have only got 4 tomatoes between my two plants at the moment but there are plenty of flowers on them which should mean plenty of tomatoes soon.

My pepper plants (capsicum) have grown more quickly since I discovered they should be watered twice a day and started doing so.

My runner bean plants produced their first two flower buds on Monday so I am looking forward to seeing some beans soon.

Carrots are still small but seem to be growing well.

I got some more herbs to add to my collection: curry plant, basil purple ruffles and chocolate peppermint.

I did buy an aubergine plant recently but it died :( I've been very lucky with all my other plants so I can't complain really, although it does feel like a waste of money.

I have done well though as the tomato plants and runner bean plants were given to me by someone who didn't have room for them so were pretty much free. I agreed I'd give them some of the produce to say thanks.

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