Saturday, 1 October 2011

Marathon number two!

Hello everyone

I am a total blog neglector...I am currently training to be a teacher and am 4 weeks into my course and therefore very busy.

Anyway when I got home on Thursday I had a letter/magazine of acceptance to the London Marathon 2012. Woohoo.

Its really hard to get into so I know I am really lucky to get in again and am grateful for it.

I know some people say it is selfish to apply when you have already ran it once but there are many people who have done it loads and loads of times and frankly for once I think I'd like to be selfish!

I am so super excited.

I am going to start training now ready to start a proper training plan at the beginning of January. I would really like to get a better time this time. I am also intending to record my weight and waist measurements before my first run and regularly during training. I am going to record time spent running and distances and keep a diary so that when it gets to marathon day I can say I've spent X many hours training and covered X many miles.

I am so excited for this challenge :-)

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