Thursday, 30 July 2009

A creepy drive home

I visited my friend in Henley last night, I left to come home at about 10.45. Part of the journey is on country roads going through a dark forest. So before I left knowing I might get frightened I locked my car doors to give me reassurance should I have to slow down or stop. Most of the journey was spent driving on full beams as there were hardly any cars around, so I only needed to dip them every now and again. The rain was driving down and looking in my mirrors behind me all I could see was pitch black. I thought I wasn't frightened, I thought I was ok. I had my cd player on and I reassured myself that I was driving at 50mph and I was safe. Until suddenly a man's voice booms out and I jump out of my skin, my heart pounding. "In 300 yards turn left"

I had to laugh once my heart beat had returned to normal!

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