Saturday, 25 July 2009


I had work today and a bit of a late night last night so am vowing to go to bed earlier tonight so that I don't feel quite so bad tomorrow. I went to my friend's house last night as another of our friends was back from Cardiff for the weekend. We had a nice natter and ate delicious cakes. One was make with grated courgette instead of butter and was simply delicious, apart from one tiny green speck you would never have known there was any courgette in it. The other cake has loads of plain chocolate in a mix of 70% and 90% cocoa varieties, it was still warm when we ate it and was yum yum yum! I got home just after midnight and by the time I was ready for bed it was about half past. I didn't sleep very well because my itchy ear was driving me mad. Sods law says that I fell into a lovely deep sleep ready for when my alarm went off at 7am.

I made my own pasta sauce yesterday with red onion, courgette and tinned tomatoes and a little olive oil. I then cooked some pasta and took it to work to have cold for my lunch today. I was anticipating it being a bit gross and me not eating much of it. In fact it was really quite nice and pretty healthy. I had such a large portion of sauce(it was more like a ratatouille type thing than a sauce, loadsa chunky veg) that it was about half a large courgette, half a red onion and half a tin of tomatoes which would have been 3 of my 5 a day and I also had a banana and an apple. So I had all of my 5 a day at work. I have to say I do struggle to have my 5 a day sometimes.

I've had a sore throat all week, a very low level thing and a spot in my throat. For some reason I frequently get a sore throat and a spot in it or on the roof of my mouth for no reason. So I'm trying to fruit and veg it up to get rid! That and a few early nights should sort me right out.

I have been working on my cv this evening and my dad is going to proof read it for me tomorrow when I am at work.

I finish at 3.30 tomorrow so am thinking I'll go to the gym on the way home from work, but that's gonna be a wait and see how tired I am kinda thing.

Right now I think I'm gonna chill out in front of the tv and get an early night, as an aside to that I find I watch hardly any tv when I'm on lates cos daytime tv is rubbish now that bondi rescue has finished!

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