Friday, 28 May 2010

We're all going on a Summer holiday...

Tomorrow I am off on my holiday. Whilst I know blogging about it may be advertising to potential robbers that is not a problem for me as there will still be people left at my house whilst I am away.

Today I need to drop something off at work that I forgot yesterday, then I am going to do some baking (flapjacks and fairy cakes) naughty I know but if you can't have a treat when you're on holiday when can you. Then I must pack! I also need to clean the rabbits hutch out.This evening I am off out for my friends sisters 18th birthday. We aren't going to stay out too late due to having to drive to Devon in the morning. Nor will I be having much alcohol, I am going to really play on the safe side with alcohol as I always do when driving is involved the next day.
I do have the day off today as were I not on annual leave I would have been working the weekend. I wouldn't have booked today off if I were due to work but it has worked out quite nicely that I do have the day off.

In other news I have been for 3 runs this week, actual outside runs and I have improved my time already. I was very impressed with how long I ran without stopping on Wednesdays run, I think the key is to run slightly slower. I have enjoyed the runs.

I'm not sure how nice the weather is supposed to be when we're away but fingers crossed it won't be too bad. My plan is to enjoy the holiday and then get on with being healthy, training for the upcoming runs and losing weight once I'm back. I am going to set myself a couple of post holiday resolutions once I am back.

By the way I got into a skirt the other day that I haven't fitted into for a couple of years and it was slightly loose :-)

Have a fab week all

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  1. I have come to the same realization about running. If I go slower I can run the whole time. But I'm usually trying to "best" myself and end up having to walk. The slower jogs are more fun. Congrats on getting into that skirt!