Friday, 25 June 2010

Internet was broken but is now fixed :-)

So our internet has been broken and I have also had a crazily busy couple of weeks. Right now I am super tired and feeling very much in need of some chocolate.
I seem to have been eating lots of fruit and veg but also slightly more cakes, chocolate etc than I would like to.
This weekend my brother and his girlfriend are moving in with us until their house they are buying has all gone through so it's all hands on deck to get them moved in and sorted.
Next week we are dogsitting which means walks for us. I also need to get stuck in with my training for my next half marathon.
This week has been a bit stressful and right about now I am not going to worry overly about how much chocolate I have eaten or a lack of exercise (I have been cycling to work though). I going to try and get back on track next week. And get training for my run.

Apologies for the shortness of the post I am trying to watch tv and type and have done so much its almost like its easier to not mention any of it then to try and think about them all and get them down. Perhaps I will update on those in a few days when things aren't so hectic.

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  1. Here's to a much less stressful week for the entire family next week. I think we all need it. Love you xx