Sunday, 15 August 2010

A fun weekend

This weekend I have been to a friends housewarming party. She moved 5 months ago, but has only been in her new flat for 2 months. I had a great time but I am pretty tired right now!

I have managed to stick to my homebaked bread challenge so far. It is interesting as it does involve a bit more planning and thinking ahead to make sure I have some bread.

I have a couple of social events coming up this week that involve some not so healthy eating but I am not going to worry about it and am going to just make sure I eat as healthily as possible the other days. I am on all earlies this week so am going to cycle to work every day unless it is raining very hard. I have got some cycle gloves to protect my hands from the rubber on the handlebars. My eczema on my hands has been pretty bad the last week or so despite not having touched anything that I know is rubber for well over a month. I'm hoping they are starting to heal right now. It did get me a bit down on Thursday as they were just so sore and itchy and kept bleeding.

So anyway my plan for this week is exercise and eat healthily as much as possible. I have decided today that my aim to get back into my target size of clothes is the end of the year. Which gives me four months which means I only have to lose a tiny bit each week. I could probably do it sooner and I would like to be skinnier sooner but this aim is realistic and leaves room for those days when you just can't motivate yourself.

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