Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Bike ride

It's my day off today, I went for a bike ride late morning after much shall I go? shan't I go? Can't be botheredness. So I went and cycled 10miles, pretty good considering I have done barely any exercise over the last month or so. I feel much happier after my bike ride. I intend to try and go on that sort of length bike rides maybe once or twice a week until the weather gets worse and the nights draw in later on in the year. I had time to think on my bike ride and pretty much everyone I saw on the ride said good morning or we exchanged smiles/nods. It's not sunny today it's cloudy but warm. Yesterday after my course in the morning it was gloriously sunny, the sort of weather where you feel all is well in the world. So I got some more wear out of my new shorts!

I have some housework to do this afternoon, mopping the floor and tidying and such like. I will go and do that in a moment. Tonight I am staying in as per usual and will probably read some more of my book and watch a bit of tv. I only have a short shift at work tomorrow before my longer shifts on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It's so nice to have days off, I'm really appreciating them after having had hardly any days off the last couple of weeks.

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