Friday, 7 August 2009

A short entry

I worked the late tonight, which is why I am on the computer at 20 to 1 in the morning.

I have the whole weekend off this weekend which is good because I won't have had a day off at all for 2 weeks and this will be the first whole weekend I've had off in a couple of months.

I'm working the late again tomorrow, before work I need to pop into town to get a few bits and I'm going to bake a cake.

My dog is having an operation in the morning, so I will get up to give him a cuddle before my dad takes him to the vets, then possibly snooze for a bit longer before I get up and on with my day.

Saturday I am seeing my friend and we are supposed to be going somewhere for a picnic. Then Sunday a chilled out day at home and I'm gonna make a roast dinner for the family, yum yum yum.

It started raining at 12.30 lunchtime today and it has yet to stop. The car park at work was almost completely submerged when I left this evening, if it carries on wellies will be needed tomorrow! I have to say I now have a massive urge to go jumping in puddles like a little kid!

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