Saturday, 8 August 2009

Sunshine, Shopping, Shortbread and Cake

My kinda day! I made cake and shortbread (both of the chocolate variety)yesterday morning before work. The cake for my friend as it was her birthday this week and the shortbread just to have as a treat.

It was a lovely day today, sunny and warm but not scorchingly makes you feel ill too hot :-) The sort of weather that makes you feel all mellow and chilled. When my friend came over we mooched into town and after saying can we just pop in New Look I ended up with 2 pairs of shorts, 2 pairs of leggings and a lush lush lush dress! Apparently women feel guilty themselves after shopping and don't need nagging to feel that way, but not me, I was very pleased with myself indeed. Perhaps because I have barely any clothes that haven't got a hole in or aren't ill fitting and because I haven't bought any clothes in absolutely ages. The last clothes I bought were to wear to my graduation so were kinda essential. I'm so looking forward to wearing my new clothes :-) I love wearing something new for the first time.

After town we came back to mine and tucked into the cake, then once my friend had gone home I chilled in the back garden reading the paper. It was bliss, I keep forgetting that I've got tomorrow off work, I'm so used to only having one day off at once and working weekends. I'm hoping for nice weather again tomorrow so I can chill in the garden. I am making a roast for lunch for myself, my brother, his gf and my sis. Other than that it's gonna be a lazy Sunday.

In other news the dog's op went well, he seems more bothered by the lampshade he has to wear so he doesnt chew the stitches than he is by his wound. I thought he would be whimpering all the time and barely walking but boy was I wrong! My dad took him for a short walk today on his lead as that's all he's allowed and he apparently wanted to keep going!

Here's hoping for nice weather tomorrow and enough nice weather for the rest of the summer for me to get some wear out of all the summery clothes I bought today.

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