Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Another loss

I was down another 1.25lbs when I weighed this morning. I had stayed the same weight the last 2 weeks so I am pleased. I did actually do a cheer gesture with my hand and say yes!

I went to spinning again Monday morning and I worked hard and I loved it. Bonus points for cycling there and back!

Eating has been a bit strange this week. I haven't had much fruit and veg but I also haven't had loads of rubbish. I think I seriously need some more ideas for things to eat because I am so BORED with what I eat at the moment. I need to think of some new things to take with me for my meal at work. That is where I am struggling.

I am doing one days overtime this week, which will lead to a bit of extra money in Aprils pay (not much after tax though). I am trying to save up as much money as possible though ready for when I move out and I figured that as I didn't have any plans for that night I would say yes and make some use of the time rather than sitting at home bored.

At the moment I have a couple of spots in my throat which are sore. I seemed to be doing better the last few weeks having less of a rash but have had some spots under my tongue for 2 weeks that weren't much bother but these ones are making my throat really sore. I have my next blood test on Tuesday and then it is usually a week for results (they are often back sooner but they say to allow a week) somaybe that might give me some answers and then again maybe not.

I am not up to much this week, just ticking over, it is my weekend to work both days so I will be busy busy and hopefully will get a lot done at work.

My room at home is a serious mess so I am going to tidy it and also sort through and see if there is anything I can get rid of.

A quiet couple of weeks ahead in terms of social life I think, but on the bright side a good opportunity to save money.


  1. Woohoo!! COngrats on the loss!

  2. Hooray for the loss! I'm right there with ya on being bored with food. It's challenging to do wheat, dairy and corn-free!