Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Bye bye inches!

On the first of January this year I wrote a post and explained about my waist size and how healthy for a woman is deemed to be 32inches or less. I remember thinking I have no idea how I will ever get that small etc. Well I have just measured my waist and it is 32 inches!!! Yippee.

From my heighest weight I have now lost 17lbs, I don't know exactly when my heighest weight was but progress is progress thanks very much.

1st Jan my weight was 12st 13.5lbs, however for quite a while between then and now I weighed 13st 1 -13st2.

Today I was 12st 7lb.

So it has been a slow journey, but I have got into the healthy zone in terms of waist yay! I am going to keep going, I want my tummy to be toned rather than doughy.

I have just been food shopping and got some mainly healthy foods. My meal tonight at work will be sandwich, carrot, apple and yoghurt. Lunch is pasta and breakfast was muesli.

Not much else to report, had some more news from the docs yesterday am low on iron again and am getting tested for coeliac too, when/if I ever find out exactly what is going on with me I will let you guys know. There's been many a theory so far. Touchwood my throat is not too bad today :-) and my energy levels have been ok.

Plans for this week are gym with friend in morning tomorrow, then work, Thursday day off, help someone with something for a bit, go shopping with friend, Friday work then think I am doing something with my friend who's birthday it is on Thursday. Saturday eat lots of carbs! Sunday run half marathon. Monday spinning if my legs are up to it (probably not!) followed by work.

Have a fab week all, one of these days I will get around to commenting on other peoples blogs a bit more x

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  1. Congratulations! That's awesome! :)

    Hope your doctors are able to give you some news soon. I was tested for celiac recently, too, but apparently my levels are "well below" normal. That being said, I've read a lot that says just because you don't test positive doesn't mean it's not negatively impacting your body.