Sunday, 27 December 2009

Christmas and the which training plan to use dilemma

I have had a lovely Christmas, I really enjoyed myself. We had a lovely couple of family days with nice food and lovely presents.

I got some cool running related stuff, a 'my little lunch bag' which I have to say I love! Such a child at heart. My sister got me The Paramedic's Diary book by Stuart Gray which is cool because I have been reading his blog for a while now.

I got a running book too, which has a marathon training plan in it, which leads me to my dilemma, I also have another training plan and then when looking online to see which type is more beneficial found a third plan! So I'm wondering which is better to use, one which goes by distance e.g 6k run or one which goes by timing e.g 1 hour steady run. Can I mix and match? Or does it really matter as long as I am doing some kind of training?

Less than 4 months to go until the marathon. This week is the week I have to start 2 of the training plans if I was using those and the third one is slightly shorter so could be implemented in a couple of weeks with general training beforehand.

This afternoon I am going to a friends house to watch movies, I am really in the mood for something scary, although knowing me I will end up having nightmares.

Tomorrow I am going to pop to the shops to try and find something to wear to my Dad's party which is on Tuesday. Wednesday is my day off and I'm thinking exercise then tidy my room and sort through stuff. Thursday I have work and it is New Years Eve, I have no idea what I am doing to celebrate this year. Friday is a bank holiday and work is closed on this one. No plans so far but I imagine I will have a quiet one at home and probably go for a run. I never really drink that much alcohol these days but over the last week or so have been drinking more often, after New years I am really going to cut back on drinking as it cannot be good for my running due to the effect alcohol has on glycogen stores etc. That said I have a party to go to on the 8th January. I can just have a couple of drinks though. I know when it gets really close to the marathon I will stop drinking alcohol completely.

Now I'm wondering whether I mentioned that I signed up for the Adidas Silverstone Half marathon again in 2010. It is the 'warm up race' for the London Marathon. I'm looking forward to hopefully shaving my time down.

I have to be off and tidy up the house a little bit before heading off to my friend's house.

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