Thursday, 3 December 2009

Updatey Watey

My blog has been slightly neglected of late, sorry blog!

I worked the early today and then headed to the gym with a work friend straight afterwards. I then came home and had an Innocent Veg pot for my dinner. It was delicious and contained 3 of my 5 a day. It was also on special offer so cheaper!

I am still not doing amazingly with healthy eating but getting there. Haven't weighed this week, I've been sort of feeling meh! Feeling much better now though.

I'm finding life sort of gets in the way of good intentions sometimes. Working shifts makes it hard for me to fit in exercise, I have been doing quite well with it lately though and am determined to keep it up. The weight should soon be falling off me.

Haven't really got much other news, just been working mainly. I am going out on Saturday night and I can't wait, I have had such a lack of social life lately.

Have a great week all.

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