Wednesday, 2 September 2009

The one in which I post for the first time in a week


Yes I am still here, I haven't abandoned my blog. (hmm after typing that sentence it seems that the 'b' on my keyboard does not want to work very well and requires extra effort to work)

I think I will keep brief things I meant to blog about that got delayed due to me being ill, as they were over a week ago now and I am still feeling a bit ill.

As I said previously I had fun in Cardiff. We went to Cardiff Bay and I really enjoyed it. We ate out and were both stuffed afterwards! Then we had a mooch, I was very impressed with the Millenium Centre and another building, think my friend said it was the welsh assembly. Anyway another highlight of the trip was going on the merry go round-I think that's what it's called, the one with the horses. It went pretty fast and was great fun, there were more adults on there than children!

I really can't remember what else I have gotten up to!

I eventually went to the doctors about my throat, the doc thinks it was a reaction to either toothpaste or something I had eaten and it had then got infected. I had ended up with some patches on the roof of my mouth too. So I was prescribed antibiotics and some stuff to gargle to take the inflammation down and have to go back if they return again. Since I went to the docs I ended up with more spots but they are down to 2 now and my throat is much less sore. I am still feeling very lacking in energy though.

I haven't got many shifts at work for the next while, this means that I can have a few lazy days in which to hopefully gain some more energy! We are all on a health kick in our house as of today and hopefully the combination of a bit more rest and eating slightly healthier will sort me right out.

The only other thing I have been up to is that a couple of my friends stayed over Sunday night and we had a lovely evening, we put a dvd on but then talked all the way through. We all agreed we should do stuff like that more often. Time goes by so quickly and I will suddenly think cor I haven't seen so and so for ages. It's awkward with me frequently working evenings and weekends, but I am determined to find the time to do stuff like that more often.

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