Thursday, 24 September 2009


I have the day off today yippee! I was going to be helping someone out today but the deadline for what we need to do has been extended by a lot so we decided to have the day off from it. I was getting quite tired so I am glad of the rest, I have work all weekend so having a quiet day today has been a blessing.

I have got all my little jobs and chores done now. I had a lovely lie in this morning, I was truly comfy in my bed. Then I got up and discovered it's a beautiful sunny day. So I showered, breakfasted and got my jobs done. Since then I have sat in the garden enjoying the sunshine and pottered about the house/garden playing with the dog here and there.

Yesterday I applied for a job that I really, really want, I think my application was pretty kick-ass so I'm hopeful! Once I had finished the application I felt all excited about the possibility of getting the job!

The only downside of today is that I've been feeling pretty hungry this afternoon, it's taking all my willpower not to go into the kitchen and eat cake and chocolate and allsorts and stuff the whole healthy eating. I'm going to allow myself a treat this evening if I really want it. I am looking forward to my dinner tonight, it's healthy and yummy what more could I want?

I'll be having chicken and roasted vegetables, the recipe is as follows:

Chicken breasts (1 per person)
Onions-(half medium onion per person)
Garlic- as much as you like
Mushrooms-(small handful per person)
Peppers/capsicum-half to one per person (they shrink a lot)
Sweet potato (1 large is enough for 3 people)
Baby new potatoes-(small handful per person)
Olive oil (enough to lightly coat the vegetables)

Firstly peel and chop the sweet potato into inch square cubes, boil for 5 minutes then drain, meantime chop the vegetables into largeish pieces (they shrink considerably) chop the baby new potatoes into 2cmx2cm pieces. Place all the vegetables into a large roasting tin add enough olive oil to coat and mix thoroughly, garlic can be added in whole cloves and also crushed and mixed in, add the chicken breasts and cook in a preheated oven (about 180c for our fan oven in the UK, not sure about temps for other ovens) after 20minutes stir thoroughly and cook for a further 20mins or until potatoes and chicken are cooked through. Serve up and enjoy!

This meal allows for large portions as there are a lot of vegetables in it which shrink a lot during cooking, the most calorific part is the olive oil, this can be used sparingly.

In other news I've lost 3lbs so far! yay. I must say I am a bit impatient and would love to have dropped say 7lbs by now as it seems like I have been trying forever but then I remember that I only started 10 days ago and I did have a few less healthy choices last weekend so I'd say I'm doing great.

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