Thursday, 18 February 2010

Back to normal...

So I am back at work now :-) this week has gone well so far. I am feeling pretty tired today but have nothing on for the rest of the day so am going to relax.

I have really got my appetite back now and am wanting to stuff everything in sight! Not good but then I have also just realised that it might be pre-menstrual hunger (sorry for tmi!)

I have been knocking back the veggies and fruits. I am finding some things hard to swallow at the mo which is annoying, but it's more stuff like breads, raw carrots etc.

Am back to exercising which feels good, gonna do an 8 miler on Saturday or Sunday in accordance with my training plan. I can't wait, will feel really satisfied and pleased with myself after that.

Not much else to report really, just trying to get back to normal...

Will update soon with more info x

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