Tuesday, 23 February 2010

A challenge overcome

So I did something yesterday I am proud of, I went to my first ever spinning class! This is especially great for me as I have never been to any sort of exercise class before due to feeling worried about not knowing what to do/making a fool of myself.

I was thinking I would take up spinning after the marathon as a way of keeping up my fitness. However 2 work colleagues were going to go Monday morning and persuaded me to come with. I figured I didn't want to go by myself first time so would go then. However neither of them showed up! I went ahead and did the class anyway.

The instructor was lovely and showed me how to set up my bike etc and was really helpful. During the first track I started to tire and get out of breath and wondered why I had thought I could do it, how stupid of me to think I was fit enough etc. Somehow I managed to continue and finish the class and in the end I really enjoyed it. I will definitely be going again. I think whilst I am still training for the marathon I will go to spinning once a week and then once I have done the marathon perhaps go a bit more often. I'm proud of myself for breaking that barrier and going the first time.


  1. i totally understand what you are going through!! i started spinning in november! i thought i was gonna DIE after the first 5 minutes of the first class.. it was terrible... and the funniest thing, a friend of mine talked me into it and then she didn't show up for the class either! but i really liked it, even though my butt hurt for like a week! i kept up with it going once a week as well and now i'm up to two times a week... all i have to say is stick with it... it's a great way to help prepare for a marathon because it's less of a stress on your legs, but great for getting your cardio up to par... keep it up!!!

  2. Thanks for your comment, I must say I want to go back but am also a bit nervous too! I think I will need to go a few times to get over my nerves. Will be going again next Monday morning :-)