Friday, 20 November 2009

New hair, shopping and I possibly overtrained!

So on Tuesday I was in Tesco and walked passed the hairdyes, they were calling out to me, in the end I bought one and my hair is now a different colour. It is a dark red colour, I like it. I have also learned to do my hair a certain way that never worked before as I was talking to someone at work who had their hair clipped like it and she told me what to do. It wasn't exactly the same as hers but it worked and looked good yay!

I had the day off today as I'm working the weekend and went shopping, I bought a new sports bra, some running 3/4 lengths and my Dad's birthday present. I was pretty tired (and still am) so wasn't really that into the shopping.

Yesterday at work I suddenly felt ill, I seriously thought I was going to faint, I had to go out of the room I was in and into the toilets, then I didn't really know where to go or what to do. Someone else came in who works with me and helped me but I just kept feeling worse and ended up having to lie with my feet raised! I'm wondering whether I overdid it at the gym the night before, could that have been affecting me the next day? Did I drink too much water at the gym and not have enough salt afterwards? Was it just one of those things and not related to the gym session. I had eaten breakfast and altho it was lunchtime wasn't feeling hungry. I had a drink of water and something to eat and eventually felt better.

I used to faint an awful lot when I was 18 and taking the pill, I had to stop taking it for that reason. I would faint 2-3times per week. Since I finished taking the pill I have only fainted twice. Yesterday was a rest day from exercise. Today I decided I would still go to the gym but only for 20minutes and not too intense. That way I didn't feel too worried about not exercising but also was unlikely to make myself worse. I am having the weekend off exercise due to working and then being busy afterwards. Then Monday I will be back on it exercising well. My muscles should be feeling tip top by then.

Nothing much else to report, I am currently watching Children in Need on TV, I'm sure it will make me cry at some point when they show the clips of children who are in need. I'm going to get an early night tonight ready for tomorrows early start at work.

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