Sunday, 1 November 2009

Hello November

Wow, it's November already. Seriously when did the whole rest of the year so far happen? I have achieved so much this year. A half marathon, a 5k, graduating university, getting a full time job, losing a stone since last year (8lbs since on HYC), becoming a more smiley happy person over the last few months, getting a place in the London Marathon, trying new things outside of my comfort zone. I'm sure there are also many small victories. This year has been one of my happiest so far. Yes final year of university was hard and stressful, but I'd say this past year I have really become at ease with myself and life in general. I think I am older now and more mature and able to deal with things. When things go wrong I think about what I can learn and do differently in the future and then move on. When people may be horrible I give them the benefit of the doubt and think everyone has a bad day sometimes and think back to times I have got the wrong end of the stick or been a bit bitchy.

Today was the official start date of my new job/promotion. I am working lates this week with Thursday off. I plan to go to the supermarket tomorrow and get some ingredients to make healthy cooked meals to have for lunch before work, I also need to get some more fruit and bits to take for my evening meals at work. I feel more settled now I know which shifts I am doing and can plan ahead. I want to do something fun on Thursday as over the last couple of months I have had barely any social life. Most of the time I just work and relax at home. I don't think I want to do anything wild on Thursday just something to get out the house.

Yesterday I ended up working as someone was off sick, this was fine but I was a very tired chicky afterwards. Last night was my cousin's engagement party, it was really great fun. I did have an energy slump about an hour before the end though, I managed to wake up a bit to start dancing again to the last few songs.

I have to say last night I did think to myself I need to do more stuff like this, you're only young once and I think sometimes I am acting old before my time. The problem a lot of the time is that everyone is so busy all the time you have to plan in advance and it's hard to be spontaneous. My solution is to book things in for days/evenings off in advance. Not for every single evening/day off obviously but for more of them. Whether it be having a friend over, going for a walk with a friend, a day out, the pub, shopping, it would be nice to let my hair down a bit more. It was great to see my cousins and their partners who we don't see very often last night and to get to know my cousin's fiancee a bit more. I'm looking forward to the wedding-I love weddings!

I'm feeling pretty happy right now as you might have guessed. I hope you all are too, have a great week.

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