Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Swings and Roundabouts

My healthy lifestyle has been swings and roundabouts lately. Exercise is going well whereas my eating is kinda can't be bothered meh-ness right now. It's not super awful eating by any means but I am kinda apathetic to eating healthily at the moment.

I decided to do some training in the gym, I think at the moment I am going to do gym twice a week and run outside once a week with other lifestyle stuff like walking places etc in between.

On Saturday the weather was awful so I decided to go to the gym instead of a run, it was much better as on a treadmill you can pace yourself. I know I need to do actual running outside too as I will have to pace myself in the actual race, but for now when I am working on my fitness levels ready to start the training plan (27th December is the date I need to start it) the gym will do me good. I went to the gym yesterday too and spent just over an hour on the treadmill. 15 minutes of running and the rest brisk walking. To start the training plan I have to be able to run for 30minutes without stopping. I am on my way to this. To be honest I was on the treadmill for so long because I got chatting about running with somebody in the gym and didn't realise I'd been on there for so long! I am going to go to the gym again tomorrow after work, and this time try to do more running. I will probably go on the cross trainer and things as well after the treadmill. I need to make sure I run for at least 15mins. I feel positive about the training at the moment. the thing I find hard is getting into a routine of this day I go for a run at this time etc, because I work different shifts each week its hard to get into a habit. I will always work Monday lates tho so Monday morning is deffo an exercise time.

After the gym yesterday I also walked the dog for 30mins.

My weight has stayed the same for the last few weeks. I am looking slimmer though. I think I haven't lost because I have been a bit meh about things and also my outdoor runs weren't very intense. I think the gym will be for building fitness and the outdoor runs will be for practising pacing myself and getting used to running on different surfaces etc. At least for the timebeing. I think nearer the time of the marathon I will be going running outside much more often. I got rained on plenty of times when training for my half marathon so I guess I'll have to get rained on plenty of times training for the marathon.

Other things I need to work on at the moment are going to bed earlier and getting up earlier. Like seriously go to bed! I am working earlies the next 2 days which will be a shock to the system as I haven't done an early for at least 2 weeks! I have to start work about an hour and a half before the time I've been getting up lately! Ah well, I'll survive and hopefully I can then get into the habit of getting up a bit earlier on days I work the lates. I realised earlier that I have the next 6 evenings off! woohoo!

Here's to a week filled with exercise, fruits, vegetables and earlier nights.


  1. go you girl! i have to say, getting more sleep each night has gone a lonnng way to help me be more active and more aware during the day. i've been getting around 6-8 hours per night, and i feel great. it's hard though, getting into the habit of it...i've been a night owl for yeaars.

  2. I love my sleep! Deffo a 9 hours a night girl which I know is a bit unusual for an adult. Although some nights I get much less than that. It's hard for me to get an early night cos I often don't finish work until 11.30pm and then need time to wind down when I get home u know. And admittedly I watch rubbish on tv late at night!
    Hopefully earlier nights will mean getting up earlier and exercising more.
    I must not let myself watch tv after work
    glad ur feeling great and getting more sleep.

  3. Great job!! It is amazing how chatting with someone allows you to go so much farther/longer!

  4. I'm in the same boat: back on track with the exercising, but not paying enough attention to what I'm putting in my mouth. I blame it on Aunt Flo and the change in season/weather, but I'm the only one who can control it, right? Keep up the good work and go to bed! *wags finger* ;)