Sunday, 3 January 2010

Feeling Sorry for myself

You know the persistant sore throat I kept mentioning? Well the problem returned a few weeks ago and I have been avoiding mentioning it because I didn't want people to get fed up of hearing about it.

My throat has been sore for 12 days in a row now. Some days it's just a touch uncomfortable, others worse. Boxing day my mouth was covered in a rash and I had 2 spots at the back next to my throat. Were it a day that the GPs was open as usual I would have gone to see them that day but being as it would have been an out of hours service I did not feel it was severe enough. It calmed down the next day.

Today it is super duper painful, I have been feeling off all day and have gotten worse this evening. I have a different spot now and it's actually right next to my tonsils, and now instead of just a sore throat I have icky sinuses, feel sick and a bit of a cough and my kidney has decided to join in and ache too!

I had a sleep after work and feel a tad better in terms of lethargy but in general just meh. I am going to get an early night. Really hope I feel better in the morning I can't afford to be ill.

Whinge over!

So I may not be blogging much this week.

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