Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Everyone!

May it bring you all health and happiness.

My aims for 2010 are to cut down on swearing which I am doing ok at but it's proving hard, I'm really having to think before I speak.

The second one is to run the London Marathon, today I completed week one of the training plan. I had to adjust the days slightly due to my work hours this week so I am a day ahead and did the Sat/Sunday run today. It was hard, it was however a beautiful day and there were lots of people out walking in the sunshine. Cold and fresh outside which I think is better than warm and drizzly/raining.

I weighed myself this morning and have just measured my waist. My weight was 12st 13.5lb (181.5lb). This makes my BMI 29.4, supposedly I need to lose pretty much 2 stone to be at the top end of healthy. I know that BMI shouldn't be used alone as a tool but still 2 stone is an awful lot to lose to still be on the top end of healthy. I'm not in denial but I've always been on the heavier side even when I was small in terms of dimensions etc so I don't think I would be healthy if I dropped my BMI to say 20 (and who knows how many lbs I would have to lose to get to that bottom end?). I don't know! urgh! Stupid weight. I have just measured my waist, properly and not pulling the measure really tight or sucking in or anything, 36 inches. Below 32inches is healthy for a woman, thats 4 whole inches I have to lose. I really hope I do and in fact lose more than that!

Apparently the average female stops her new years diet after 6 days and the average male after 8 days! Sticking to plans is one of the hardest things to do.

I am going to try and up my fruit and vegetable intake because I do not want to be getting ill even with a cold in the run up to the marathon (excuse the pun) as colds really knock me back and also have more fruit and veg because doing a lot of exercise increases the production of free radicals in the body so it's important to consume enough antioxidants to counteract that effect, of which fruit and vegetables are a good source.

I am going to have a quiet weekend this one, I am working 10 hours tomorrow and will then have a chilled evening hopefully and Sunday only 7 hours. After all the excess of Christmas I need to look after my body and get plenty of sleep etc. I think I will look through the cookbooks I got for Christmas at some point and see what goodies I can make out of them, perhaps not make anything for a while though as I am kind of off puddings and desserts etc. Maybe make something savoury in a couple of weeks when things have settled down a bit more. I will also probably spend some time reading the running magasine I got for Christmas.

Have a fab week x

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