Saturday, 16 January 2010

Doing well

I am feeling so much better and am doing well on the rules I set myself.

I have stuck to the rules so far. I am having 2 chocolate free days at the moment so that I can allow myself some tomorrow as I am going to a friend's for a movie day and want to be able to have some in case there is any.

I went to the gym today and did 55mins on the treadmill. I didn't run for particularly long as I was struggling to keep up the running. I'm still pleased with my efforts though.

Tomorrow as I say I am going to my friend's for a lazy day, I can't wait, will be great to have a good chat, I saw her on Thursday but felt like we had so much left to talk about!

This next week is going to be mad, I am working an extra day this week and then on my one and only day off am very busy with a doctors appt, then helping someone out with some stuff, then helping out with something in the evening. I have a day off Monday 25th, think I'll be exhausted by then!

I will be dogsitting as of next weekend for 3.5 weeks so will be getting a lot of exercise walking him and following my training plan too.

As well as sticking to the rules I have found I have not eaten as much in general the last few days and in fact when I tell myself it is a chocolate free day I don't even find myself wanting it very much. Long may it last!

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