Tuesday, 6 October 2009

I will be doing a lot of exercise soon!

So I applied for a ballot place in the London Marathon 2010. It's pretty hard to get into the London Marathon and many people apply for a ballot place year after year without getting in, I applied this year after having wanted to do so for ages. First attempt and I got in! Woo! I am so excited! It is also slightly like OMG 26miles 385yards is a long way.

I did a half marathon this year and it was HARD, I trained but didn't give the training my all and didn't do as many miles as the training plan required. However I finished and my time wasn't too awful. The experience of that means I know now how important training is and also that someway somehow I will get through it however hard it is. The feeling when I cross that finish line is going to be amazing.

I think the whole day is going to be very emotional.

Since the half marathon I have done very little running, I will basically be starting from scratch with my training. The magasine I received with my accepted letter contains 3 training plans designed based on your ability and the aims you have for the race (eg just to finish etc) You need to have a certain level of fitness for these. The plans last 13 weeks and one month before I should receive further info on the last months worth of training, so that is 17 weeks worth. At the moment there are 30weeks until race day, so I think my aim for the time being will be to get up to the fitness levels stated to start the programme and then reassess in a few weeks as to what I should do next.

I am very much looking forward to this challenge. I would like to raise money for a charity in doing this, I have yet to choose which and will be spending some time over the next however long trying to choose one.

I will also be getting a lot of exercise soon because my car has failed its MOT and there is also another problem with it which is very expensive to fix. At the moment I am awaiting some information as to whether I can get it fixed cheaper and if it is worth getting it fixed.

I haven't weighed in this week due to being ill, I may weigh in later on in the week but I am quite busy this week.

Hope everyones week is going well, there is going to be a lot more exercise related stuff on here now!


  1. Hey there friend. Head over to my blog and pick up your much-deserved award!

  2. Good luck with your training regimen! Congrats on getting into the marathon!

  3. Way to go on setting such a big goal! I'm sure your going to do great.

  4. Good for you!! Go big or stay home!!!